Sunday, July 26, 2009


1.Kansas City Shuffle (Intro) - (with Tech N9ne)
2.Midwest Choppers - (with Tech N9ne/Big Krizz Kaliko/Dalima/D-Loc/)
3.Misery - (with Tech N9ne/Yukmouth/The Journalist)
4.That Box - (with Tech N9ne/Greed/Big Krizz Kaliko/Skatterman/Snug Brim/Kutt Calhoun)5.Gangsta Shap - (with Tech N9ne/Big Krizz Kaliko/Kutt Calhoun)
6.Sex Out South - (with Tech N9ne/Big Krizz Kaliko/Kutt Calhoun)
7.Get Ya Head Right - (with Money Hungry/Tech N9ne/Snug Brim)
8.Fan or Foe - (with Tech N9ne/T-Nutty/Big Krizz Kaliko)
9.Girl Crazy "Crazy Love" - (with Tech N9ne)
10.2 Piece - (with Big Scoob/Tech N9ne/Big Krizz Kaliko/Joe Vertigo)
11.Big Scoob - (with Big Scoob/Tech N9ne)
12.Yeah Ya Can - (with Shadow/Tech N9ne/Krizz Kaliko)
13.I Can Feel It - (Skit, with Tech N9ne/Agginy/The Philsta)
14.Karma - (Skit, with Tech N9ne)
15.You Don't Want It - (with Tech N9ne/Big Krizz Kaliko/Prozak/Mr. Reece)
16.Message to the Black Man - (with Tech N9ne)
17.P.A.S.E.O., The (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary) - (with Tech N9ne)


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