Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David Banner_mississippi the album_2003

01-david banner-intro
02-david banner-what it do (feat smoke d)
03-david banner-might getcha (feat lil john)
04-david banner-like a pimp (feat lil flip)
05-david banner-whoremonger
06-david banner-fuck em (feat pastor troy)
07-david banner-mississippi
08-david banner-cadillac on 22s
09-david banner-fast life (feat ax)
10-david banner-choose me (feat sky)
11-david banner-really dont wanna go (feat bflat and marcus)
12-david banner-so trill
13-david banner-my shawty (feat fiend)
14-david banner-phone tap
15-david banner-bush
16-david banner-bring it on (feat j da groover and mississippi shawty)
17-david banner-still pimpin (feat marcus and kamikaze)
18-david banner-outro
19-david banner-fire falling

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