Tuesday, July 28, 2009

david Banner_Baptized in dirty water_2003_Download

01-david banner-eternal
02-david banner-talk to me (feat lil flip)
03-david banner-like a pimp (remix) (feat twista and busta rhymes)
04-david banner-crank it up (feat static)
05-david banner-pretty pink (feat jazze pha ti and marcus)
06-david banner-pop that (feat sky)
07-david banner-my lord (feat sky and marcus)
08-david banner-the game (feat scarface)
09-david banner-gots to go (feat devin the dude and bun b)
10-david banner-the christmas song (feat marcus and sky)
11-david banner-baptized in dirty water (interlude)
12-david banner-ooh ahh
13-david banner-mamas house (feat frekzanatcha)
14-david banner-so in love
15-david banner-lil jones (feat bonecrusher)
16-david banner-airforce ones (remix) (feat nelly and 8-ball)
17-david banner-we ride them caddies (feat marcus)
18-david banner-the end (interlude)


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