Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turk - Raw & Uncut -2003

1.I Thought It Was Over

2.Cock Aim & Shoot

3.Letter From That World

4.Amped Up

5.Putcharaggsup - (featuring B.G./Ke' Noe)

6.Keep It Ghetto

7.Penitentiary Chances

8.Dat Look - (featuring Bubba Sparxxx)

9.I Been Through Dat

10.1 Luv U For Dat

11.All I Got in This World - (featuring Ke' Noe/Tooley)

12.What Cha Dranking On - (featuring Ke' Noe/Tooley)

13.Who Put It Together

14.Macking and Pimping - (featuring Ke' Noe)

15.I'm Tired - (featuring Ke' Noe)

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