Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White Dawg_Animosity_Download

1. "Thug Symphony no 3"(intro)
2. "Sittin on 22's" (ft Pat Moe)
3. "Trust Me” (Ft Mz Thang and Pup)
4. "Hit His Azz" (ft Pup)
5. "Pop A Pill"
6. "Da Dirty"7. "Tear It Up"
8. "Blazin: Remix" (Ft Skull Duggery and Black Kitty)
9. "Still All Gravy"
10. "Stomp" (Ft Pup)
11. "Dirty Foot Service Announcment"(skit)
12. "Dawgystyle"
13. "Lip Service"
14. "Twistin" (ft Blue)
15. "Still Bouncing" (ft Sain)
16. "Holla At Me"
17. "We Ride Chrome"
18. "Im that MF"
19. "I Could Still Fuck You" (Ft Diamond and Raylo)
20. "Stomp: Remix" (Ft Pup)21. "All In My Gold Grill"

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