Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stormey Co-Starring LLoyd_H.I.M._Download

This is a hard 2 find album took me a long time to get my hands on dis got it from dj fatal himself Hot Ass Album , Smooth gangsta Shit . A must have 4 outlawz fanz

Enjoy, $hot

01. Intro
02. H.I.M.
03. Hustle Till I Die (Feat. LLoyd)*****
04. Smoke (Interlude)
05. Betta Run (Feat. Lloyd & Scales of Nappy Roots)*****
06. M.O.B. (Feat. Lloyd)
07. Southside (Feat. Lloyd)*****
08. Dear Lord (Feat. Lloyd)
09. Everything Is Yours (Feat. Lloyd, Young Noble & EDI)*****
10. Well, Well
11. Bad Muthafucka (Feat. EDI, Kastro & Cezus Walkz)
12. So Fly (Feat. Lloyd & EDI)
13. Wrath Of An Outlaw (Feat. Young Noble & EDI)
14. Muthafuckaz Love It (Feat. Young Noble, EDI, YoungBloodz)*****
15. Ride Or Die (Feat. Lloyd)
16. Time Has Come (Feat. Llyod & Cezus Walkz)
17. Snap (Interlude)
18. Cuttin' & Leavin' (Feat. EDI)
19. How U Been (Feat. Lloyd)
20. Beautiful (Feat. Lloyd & EDI)
21. Thanks (Feat. Lloyd)*****
22. OutroBonus Track:
23. Freedom (Feat. EDI)*****

Download: http://hotfile.com/dl/9335277/708ead4/Stormey_Co-Starring_LLoyd.zip.html

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