Monday, July 27, 2009


01.the exordium [01:32]
02.crazy (feat. lil' wayne & yo gotti) [05:07] (produced by fate eastwood)
03.the apprisal [01:13]
04.sustantivo uno [02:17]
05.iball (produced by broadway) [05:11]
06.blame it on antares audio technologies [03:24]
07.36 0's $tarstyle [03:41]
08.first date sex [04:54]
09.i'm feelin' it (produced by celsizzle) [04:25]
10.stanky legg freestyle (feat. trouble) [04:56]
11.killa head (feat. grind hard) (produced by hot rod) [05:18]
12.sustantivo dos [02:30]
13.i made it this far [04:09]
14.the interregnum [01:19] of these nights (produced by hot rod) [05:35]
16.5 star remix (feat. yo gotti) [02:38]
17.make me some toast (r.i.p. dolla) [05:01]
18.always strapped remix (feat. birdman and lil wayne) [02:40]
19.the multifaceted manifesto [01:13]
20.ridin' gettin' blunted (feat. young buck) [05:22] (produced by coop)
21.the elucidation [01:47]
22.saint assault rifle lito [04:13] (starlito on i'll be in the sky )
23.i love this life (feat. mike j) [04:37]
24.swagger like ric flair (produced by fate eastwood) [04:29]
25.ain't i $tarstyle [03:41]
26.tonight feat. cruna (produced by pc) [05:17]
27.i just had a dream about you (produced by weewee) [05:38]
28.sustantivo tres [02:30]
29.the denouement [01:21]
30.i'm so tired [05:18]

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